Historical and Genealogical Information
 for the Region Anciently Known as the
Salford Hundred
now known as
Greater Manchester
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This site exhibits information about the Salford Hundred, its townships, their history and related genealogical information. All of which is supported by a chronological list of events for the region. Family and local historians alike can take advantage of the search facilities, which will enable them to locate relevant information speedily.

Townships gives an insight into the villages and hamlets of the Salford Hundred during the 18th/19th century. It gives a historical and descriptive sketch for this period that visitors will find interesting.

A series of Maps have been prepared to illustrate the location of the Salford Hundred, its Parishes, and  townships within each parish. Created by Harry King, San Diego, USA, they will enhance the understanding of the location and administrative districts of the Hundred. 

A Chronology for the region will gradually unfold, starting in 1651 it will continue into the 19th century. If you want to know what happened when, this is the place to look. Its development will take some time, so call back if the period you are looking for has not yet appeared.

Barton Wesleyan Chapel burial register for the period 1804 - 1902 will be gradually accessible and fully searchable using the site search engine.

Research into the Higson families of Lancashire, in particular the family from Bury, but also includes other branches and also the meaning and distribution of the name.

This site is fully searchable, enter any word or phrase of up to 20 characters, below, for a search engine style report. The "Search this Site" hyperlink is available on every page. 


Sources are an important guide for further follow-up of the relevant information. Researchers will be able to make their own assessment of the material. The full title and whereabouts of the source will be given.

Links will contain sites that are relevant to the history and genealogy of the region.

Elaine and Roger Hart, Bolton, Greater Manchester.
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Townships  Maps  Chronology   Barton Wesleyan Chapel Burials  Higson Family  Sources   Links