Cheetham, a township, forming the north suburb of the town, and a portion of the parish, parliamentary and corporate borough of Manchester, of the latter it constitutes one ward. Number of acres 898. Strangeways Hall is an old seat. There are 3 churches, St. Mark's, built prior to 1794, annual value of curacy 258; St. Luke's, a magnificent ediface, consecrated October 6, 1839, has a spire and tower, cost 10,000; and St. Peter's, commenced 1838.-The dissenters chapels are three, Wesleyan Methodist, Cheetham-hill; Wesleyan Association, York-street; and Unitarian, New Bridge-street. This place abounds with suburban residences, the situation being highly agreeable. In 1773-4 the houses amounted to 93; in 1831, 727. The population in 1773 was 580; 1801, 752; 1811, 1,170; 1821, 2,027; 1831, 4,025. Here is a charity school for poor girls, named the Jubilee school, commenced 1806, partly endowed by Mrs. Hall's bequest of 10,077, supports 40 girls; and St. Mark's free school, for boys and girls, date 1818.-In 1834 there were sunday schools 3, dame 5, common 4, superior private and boarding 10, scholars 988. The annual value of the property of the township in 1815 was 8,524; 1829, 24,090; 1840, 32,342. Here is a striking example of a peat moss beneath the diluvium.

(5) A Statistical Sketch of the County Palatine of Lancaster 1841 by Edwin Butterworth.