1262. Manchester
Robert Gresley succeeded to the barony on the death of his grandfather Thomas. It was found by inquisition that Thomas had not infeoffed his son Peter of his manor of Manchester, and that the custody thereof did appertain to the King, by reason of the minority of his heir, in regard it was held in capite by Barony; the sheriff had command to seize it.  (Dugdale.)  He was summoned to Parliament, 1273-1276.  His guardian during minority was Edward Cronchback, first Earl of Lancaster. His uncle, Peter Greslet, was for a time custos ecclesiae, keeper of the church, but never held the barony. Robert married Hawise, daughter of John de Burgh, and made grants of land to the Abbey of Stanlaw and to Whalley Abbey. He died 1282 [1283-4, Dugdale] when about 30 years old; whereupon Amadeus de Savoy had the custody of the manor of Manchester, with its members, during the minority of Thomas, son and heir. (Dugdale.)(7)