1309. Manchester-Ashton-Gloucestershire-Herefordshire
For some unexplained cause Thomas de Greslet, with several Lancashire gentlemen, went to reside with his only sister Joan, the wife of Sir John la Warre, Baron of Wickwar, in Gloucestershire.  Here he executed a deed by which, in return for an annuity of 100 marks = 66 13s. 4d., he formally granted to Sir John and his wife the manor of Manchester, and the advowsons of the churches of Manchester and Ashton. Notwithstanding this transfer of his baronial rights he continued to be regarded as the lord of Manchester, and as such, was summoned to serve in the wars and in parliament from 1307 to 1313 the year of his death. The matter is further complicated by the fact that La Warre alienated the barony in 1310 - 11 to the abbey of Dore, in Herefordshire. (7)