9th. May Wednesday Manchester
John la Warre died 9th May, 1347. He was a soldier who saw a great deal of active service. He went with the expedition to Flanders in 1297. He was constantly engaged in the Scotch wars. In 1340, when the French were defeated in the great naval battle off Sluys, La Warre was present.  He also fought with distinction at Cressy. (7)

1347. Manchester
Roger la Warre, the tenth baron, was the grandson of the ninth haron. He was a warrior like his grandfather, and at Poitiers was one of the knights to whom the French king surrendered. He was twice married, and left two sons, and a daughter who became the wife of Thomas, Baron West.  Roger died in 1370.(7)

1347. Bury
Sir Roger de Pilkington (born about 1325) became lord of Pilkington manor, &c., on the death of his father, Sir Roger. After the death of his mother (Alicia, daughter of Adam de Bury and sister of Henry de Bury), he succeeded to the manor of Bury and various other estates which were acquired through her.