1435. Pilkington-Manchester-Lyme
In this year Sir John Pilkington, of Pilkington, was married to one of the three daughters of Sir Edmund Trafford. This was Elizabeth, the youngest daughter. There are deeds extant showing how this scion of the Pilkington family endowed his bride at the porch of the collegiate church in Manchester (now the Cathedral). Here he entered into a bond to pay 200 marks in silver (133 6s. 8d.), and also "swere upon a booke" that he stood "sole seiset in his demesne as of fee simple or fee tail the day of weddinge" of the lands of his father, including the dower lands of his mother, Dame Margery Pilkington. She survived her husband, and in 1451 married Sir Peter Leigh, of Lyme, in Cheshire, with whom she lived till her death in 1474.(9)