29th. March Thursday
Making of “dawbe,” which was used in the construction of the raddle and daub houses, was a great source of trouble, and there are numerous references to it. 29 March. (Earwaker’s Records.)(7)

22nd. May Tuesday
An order in Council, dated May 22, states that “George Charleton, of Manchester, goldsmithe, suspected of coyning, was this day committed to the ffleete.” (7)

25th. September Tuesday
Thomas, ninth Baron La Warre and sixteenth lord of Manchester, died 25th September, 1584, leaving no issue. William West, the son of the half brother of the last Baron La Warre, became lord of Manchester, in accordance with the act of 1552. (7)

There was a great deal of counterfeit coining going on at this time all over England, and a nest of coiners was found at Bunbury, in Cheshire.(7)