20th. April Monday
At the Assizes at Lancaster, James Bell, a native of Warrington; John Finch, a native of Eccleston; and James Leybourne were found guilty of being Catholic recusants. The two former were executed at Lancaster, and their heads exposed on the summit of the Collegiate Church, April 20. The persecution of the Roman Catholics was very bitter. Details are given in Challoner’s Memoirs of Missionary Priests, and in Foley’s English Province of the Society of Jesus, ii., 143. They were arrested at Manchester and imprisoned in the house known as Radcliffes of the Pool - the ancient seat of the Radcliffe family, the site of which is indicated by the name of Poolfold. An engraving of Radcliffe Hall is given in the Palatine Note-book, vol. iii., p. 265. It has been said that Leybourne was executed at Manchester, but this appears to be a mistake.(7)

9th. May Saturday
No single women were allowed in the town unless they were under the guardianship of their relatives, or in others’ employ.” May 9. (flarland’s Court Leet.)(7)

9th. May Saturday
The Court Leet ordered that single women should not be allowed to be “at their own hand,” either to rent a house or exercise a trade, “to the great hurt of the poor inhabitants having wife and children.” May 9. (Earwakers Records.)(7)