20th. February Thursday
John Dee, M.A., installed with great solemnity warden of the Collegiate Church, February 20. Dr. Dee had frequent quarrels with the fellows of the college, and in 1604 quitted the town, but he held his preferment till his death in 1608.(7)

8th. October Wednesday
The Court Leet jury ordered that no person was to be allowed to use butter or suet in cakes or bread; fine 20s. No baker or other person to be allowed to bake said cakes, &c.; fine 20s. No person to be allowed to sell the same; fine 20s. October 8. (Harland’s Court Leet.)(7)

30th. December Tuesday
William West, Lord la Warr, died 30th December. The story of this noble­man’s life is a strange one, and there are some difficulties of date not easily to be understood. It is said that, having been adopted by his uncle, Sir Thomas West, he was in too great haste to inherit, and prepared poison for the despatch of the old man, who was so incensed that he appealed to parliament, which in 1548 debarred William from succeeding to his uncle’s honours. This is not easily reconciled with the act of 1552. William West had sufficient ability and good fortune as a soldier to be able to live down this accusation, whether it were true or false. He served at the siege of St. Quentin, in Picardy, and was knighted at Hampton Court, 1568, and created by patent Lord de la Warr. In 1569 an act of parliament granted him full “restitution in blood.” (7)