2nd. October Thursday Manchester
The Court Leet directed that no person was allowed to weigh any yarn or other stuff but by the standard weights of the town. October 2. (Harlandís Court Leet.)(7)

2nd. October Thursday Manchester
The principal streets of Manchester appear, from the Court Leet records, to have been the Old and New Market Stids or places, Market Stid Lane, and Alport Town, Meale Gate, Withingreave, Hanging Ditch, Smithy Door, and so to Salford Bridge, Fennel Street, Toad Lane, Huntís Bank, Mylve Gate, and the Mylners Lane. October 2.(7)

1600. Radcliffe
Witchcraft prevalent. Traces in Radcliffe till 1830, when a local "wizard" residing in Blackburn Street, died.