25th. March Wednesday
Anthony Mosley, of Ancoats, died 25th March, aged 70. He is buried in the Collegiate Church. He refused to serve the office of constable in 1603 for fear of the plague. He bought the Ancoats estate from Sir John Byron.(7)

10th. June Wednesday
Thomas Cogan, or Coghan, buried at Manchester Church, 10th June. He was a native of Chard, and was born about 1545. He was educated at Oxford, and was Fellow of Oriel College, 1563, M.A. in 1566, and M.B. in 1574, and in that year he became High Master of Manchester Grammar School, which position he held until about 1600. He married a lady of position, Ellen, widow of Thomas Willott, who survived her second husband, and died in 1611. Cogan was the author of The Well of Wisedome, 1577, The Haven of Health, 1584, and a selection for the use of schoolboys of Cicero’s letters, which appeared in 1602. His will, with a biographical notice, is given in The Palatine Note-book, vol. iii., p. 77.(7)