24th September Sunday Radcliffe
Henry Aspinall, who died September 24, was seised in fee of a messuage and garden and ten acres of land, meadow and pasture, in Radcliffe, the land being called "Nicolhole."

The fifth Sir Edmund Trafford died. He was thrice High Sheriff of Lancashire. In 1584 there was a levy of 200 men for the service of the Queen in her Irish wars, and that the Lancashire lads might not be committed to strange captains, who “for the most part” had not used their soldiers “with the love and care that appertained” one of their own shire, Edmund Trafford, eldest son of Sir Edmund Trafford, Knight, was appointed their commander. Two years later an entry in the Court Leet book shows that the town paid £16 to Mr. Trafford and Mr. Edmund Assheton for the “makeing of soldiers into Ireland.” In 1603, when James made his progress into England, a number of gentlemen were “graced with the honour of knighthood” at York. Amongst these was Edmund Trafford, who, like his father, was a hater of Roman Catholics, and employed a spy named Christopher Bayley to ferret them out. His first wife was a Booth, of Barton. In a second marriage he espoused a Lady Mildred Cecil, the second daughter of the Earl of Exeter. A daughter received the name of Cecilia, and a son the name of Cecil, in honour of the mother’s family.(7)

1620. Manchester
Leonard Smethley, arms painter and deputy herald, resident in Manchester, writes to the College of Heralds letters complaining of those who refused to pay the fees, and describing the funds of Sir Alexander Barlow, Sir Edmund Trafford, and others. These letters, with others of Randal Holmes ranging 1620-22, are printed in the Chetham Miscellany, vol. v.(7)