March Kersley-Manchester
William Hulme, founder of the "Hulme Charity," born in March. Died at his residence in Kersley, October 29th, 1691; interred at Manchester Collegiate Church (now the Cathedral).

1631 Manchester
The Lord sent his destroying angell into an inne in Manchester, on which died Richard Merriott and his wife, the master and dame of the house, and all that were in it, or went in it for certaine weekes together. At last they burned or buried all the goods in the house; and yet, in midst of judgment, did God remember mercy, for no person else was that yeare touched with the infection.” (Hollinworth’s Mancuniensis)(7)

1631 Manchester-London-Chester
Fair Em, the Miller’s Daughter of Manchester, with the love of William the Conqueror. A pleasant comedy, as it was sundry times acted in the Honourable City of London by the Right Honourable the Lord Strange’s servants. (London, 1631.) This play, which mentions Manchester, Chester, and the Traffords, has been wrongfully attributed to Robert Green. It has been reprinted by Professor Delius, 1874; by Richard Simpson (School of Shakspere), 1878; and by Drs. Warnke and Proescholdt, 1883. A ballad on the subject was licensed in 1581, and the play, though perhaps not printed, was in existence in 1591. It has even been supposed that Shakepere had some share in the authorship. (Axon’s Lancashire Gleanings.)(7)