July. Manchester
Richard Bradley, a Jesuit priest, arrested and “committed close prisoner at Manchester, and died of the gaol disease before he was brought to his trial.” (Challoner’s Missionary Priests.) In Gillow’s Bibliographical Dictionary the date of his death is given as 20th or 30th July, 1645. Bradley was born at Bryning in 1605.(7)

2nd. October Monday
Lancashire formed into an ecclesiastical province, and its spiritual affairs consigned to the several presbyteries. October 2. The “Presbyterical Classis” for the county hold their first meeting at Preston.(7)

1646. Manchester-Westminster
Richard Heyrick, warden of Manchester, was one of the representatives of Lancashire in the Assembly of Divines at Westminster.(7)

1646. Prestwich-Pilkington-Ringley-Bury
Classical Presbyteries formed at Prestwich, Pilkington, Ringley, and Bury.

Sir Thomas Prestwich and his son compounded for their estates to Parliament for the sum of £330 as "delinquents and papists." The Derby estates shared the same judgment, but important allowances were made on appeal.