27th. April Monday Manchester-Cambridge-Stretford-Norton
Rev. Jeremiah (or Jeremia) Scholes died 27th April, 1685. He was baptised 14th June, 1629, and educated at Emanuel College, Cambridge, where he graduated M.A. He was appointed curate of Stretford, 1655, and in 1659 was vicar of Norton, in Derbyshire, but was ejected in 1662. He returned to Manchester, where he died, and was buried in the graveyard of the Collegiate Church. There are many references to him in Henry Newcomeís Diary. There is a notice of him in the Palatine Note-book, vol. iv., p. 30.(7)

July. Prestwich
Public fast in Prestwich at the request of the inhabitants.

1685 Manchester
The porch of the Collegiate Church built at the parish charge.(7)