23rd June Friday Prestwich
Silver-Tongued Wroe (warden of Manchester), married at Prestwich Church to Ann Radcliffe, by license.

Rev. James Illingworth, B.D., died, August, 1693. He was a Fellow of Emanuel College, Cambridge, but was ejected in 1662. He gave the portraits of Whitaker, Nowell, Bolton, and Bradford to the Chetham Library. He is the author of A Genuine Account of the Man whose Hands and Legs Rotted off, 1678.(7)

Sir Edward Mosley, of Hulme, died, aged 77. He was one of Cromwell’s Scotch justices, and was knighted by William III. in 1689. The last baronet had entailed the family estates upon the son of Edward Mosley, of Hulme, but as a compromise, Rolleston and the manor of Manchester were secured to Nicholas. Sir Edward was unfortunate in his children; his sons died early and his daughter became the wife of the spendthrift Sir John Bland. (Mosley’s Family Memoirs; Axon’s Lancashire Gleanings.)(7)

A prescriptive claim set up by Oswald Mosley, acting for the lord of the manor (Sir Edward Mosley), for a toll of twopence per pack on all goods of the description called Manchester wares brought within the manor (not necessarily in the markets), except of the burgesses there, was held bad by the Court of King’s Bench, upon error from a judgment in the County Palatine of Chester, the court holding that every prescription to charge a subject with a duty must impart a benefit or recompense to him, or else some reason must be shown why a duty is claimed. Warrington v. Mosley (sic.), 4 Modern Reports, 319; 1 Holt, 673-4. (Mosley’s Family Memoirs.)(7)