1719 Manchester
The first book printed in Manchester was “Mathematical Lectures,” read to the Mathematical Society, by John Jackson. It was printed by Roger Adams, Parsonage, and sold by William Clayton, at the Conduit.(7)

1719 Manchester-Chester
The first Manchester newspaper was the Manchester Weekly Journal, containing the freshest advices, both foreign and domestic, to be continued weekly, printed and sold by Roger Adams, at the lower end of Smihy (Smithy) Door, price 1d. No. 325, dated March 15th, 1725, was in the possession of the late Mr. John Yates, of Bolton. It was discontinued 1726. The printer afterwards went to Chester (see 1749).(7)

1719. Ringley-Prestwich
Rector Assheton of Prestwich, gave £200 to Ringley Chapel to meet a grant of equal amount from the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty. Ringley, hitherto a donative, was thus brought under episcopal visitation and jurisdiction (I. George I., c. 10).