13th. August Monday
Dr Gastrell, Bishop of Chester, having refused to admit Samuel Peploe, B.D., of Lambeth, to the wardenship of Manchester College, the cause was tried first at Lancaster Assizes, on the 13th of August, 1722. The argument in favour of the Archbishop’s right was conducted with great learning and skill. The hearing occupied fifteen hours. A prescriptive right was made out to general satisfaction, and a statutable right also as far as there was occasion to go into the Act of Parliament. But the jury of gentlemen gave a verdict to the right in general, without fixing it on any single foot. It was then carried by appeal before the King’s Bench, and there decided in favour of the Archbishop’s right, May 22, 1725. (Notes and Queries, iii., 276. Blackstone Comm., 1., 381. Edit., 1829.)(7)

1722. Pilkington-Prestwich
The interest of £97 8s. 9d., given by Rector Ashton of Prestwich, distributed annually in "Linnen cloth to the poore of Pilkington who industriously endeavour to keep themselves out of the Poor's Book."