31st. May Sunday
Rev. Robert Meeke died 31st May. He was born at Salford 30th Dec., 1656, where his father was minister of Sacred Trinity Church. (See under date 17th January, 1658.) His mother was Catharine Hyde, of Hyde Hall. Little is known of his early life, but in 1685 he was appointed, at the age of twenty-eight, minister of the ancient chapelry of Slaithwaite, where he continued nearly forty years. The chapel was rebuilt by his exertions in 1719, and in 1721 he founded the Sleathwaite Free School. He was buried in Slaithwaite chapel. He kept a diary, and extracts from 1689 to 1694 have been printed. (See Extracts from the Diary of Rev. Robert Meeke by H. F. Morehouse. London, 1874.)(7)

12th. November Thursday
11 George I. Act for repairing and widening the road from Sherbrook Hill, near Buxton and Chapen in the Frith, to Manchester. 12th November.

Mrs. Ann Hinde died, aged 70. She was the daughter of William Page, a Manchester merchant, and wife of the Rev. John Hinde, Fellow of the Collegiate Church. She founded the “Green Gown School” at Manchester and Stretford for clothing and educating poor children. (See Bailey’s Old Stretford and Clarke’s School Candidates, intro. pp. xiii.-xvi.)(7)

Dr. William Stukeley published his “Itinerarium Curiosum,” in which Manchester is described as “the largest, most rich; populous, and busy village in England, having about 2,400 families.” This must probably include the whole parish. He further says, “They have looms which work 24 laces at once, which were stolen from the Dutch.”(7)