4th. January Friday
Lady Barbara Fitzroy died January 4. The following inscription is in the choir of the Collegiate Church, where she was interred :—

Lady Barbara Fitzroy,
Eldest Daughter of the Most Noble Charles
Duke of Cleveland and Southampton
Died Jan. 4th, 1734.

Nothing is known of the reasons which induced her to select Manchester as her place of residence. Her property was left to an adopted child, William Dawson. (Foundations of Manchester.)(7)

A charity school for boys and girls, “children of poor Protestant Dissenters. not excluding others,” founded in connection with Cross Street Chapel. The girls’ school was given up in 1805, and the boys’ school in 1815, on the foundation of the Lancasterian School. (Baker’s Memorials, p. 29.)(7)

Lady Ann Bland, lady of the manor, died. She was the daughter of Sir Edward Mosley, of Hulme Hall, which she decorated with altars and other Roman antiquities. She was a leader of society and the chief founder of St. Ann’s Church, which was built partly as a protest against the Stuart sympathies of the High Church clergy of the Cathedral. (Mosley’s Family Memoirs; Axon’s Lancashire Gleanings.) She was succeeded by her second cousin, Sir Oswald Mosley. (See under date 1751.)(7)