1st. February Sunday Worsley
10 George II. cap. 9. Act for making navigable the river or brook called Worsley Brook, from Worsley Mill, in the township of Worsley, to the river Irwell. 1st February.(7)

9th. September Thursday Manchester
The Rev. Nathaniel Bann died September 9. He was a native of Manchester, where his father was a physician and feoffee of Chetham’s Hospital. He was baptised at the Collegiate Church 14th December, 1671, and, became librarian of Chetham’s Library in 1693, and was the first rector of St. Ann’s Church. Some of his MSS. are preserved in Chetham’s Library. (Bardsley’s Memorials.)(7)

11th December Saturday Manchester
The register of the baptisms, marriages, and burials of St. Ann’s Church commenced December 11.(7)

1736. Manchester-London
What is known as the “Manchester Act” passed the Houses of Parliament. This statute (9 George II., c. 4) says that as great quantities of stuffs made of linen yarn and cotton wool had been manufactured, printed, and painted, and the industry was a branch of the ancient fustian manufacture of Great Britain, the manufacture was therefore permitted, “provided that the warp thereof be entirely linen yarn.” (Statutes at Large, Espinasse’s Lancashire Worthies, i., 229; ii., 62.)(7)

1736. Manchester
Ann Butterworth, widow of Thomas Butterworth, died. Her mother was one of the Mosleys of Ancoats. She left £500 to the trustees of the Cross Street Chapel, the interest to be applied in binding poor Protestant children apprentice. She was buried in the chapel. (Baker’s Memorials.)(7)

1736. Manchester
The Manchester Journal was published by A. Schofield. (7)

1736. Prestwich
George Grimshaw, of Prestwich, voted 13s. a year (and a new coat every other year) "for his trouble and pains in wakening sleepers in ye church, whipping out dogs, keeping children quiet and orderly." He was called "the bobber."

Darcy Lever, LL.D., knighted.(9)