16th. March Thursday
Rev. John Wesley in Manchester, March 16-19, and was “refreshed and strengthened” by intercourse with Rev. John Clayton “and the rest of our friends here.” Mr. Wesley preached at Salford Chapel and at St. Ann’s. This was immediately after his return from America.(7)

24th. June Saturday
Lewis Paul’s roller spinning machine was patented June 24.(7)

3rd. December Sunday
Rev. George Whitfield preached twice in Manchester, December 3.(7)

The Lancashire Journal published weekly by John Berry at the Dial, near the Cross. The contents of several numbers are described in the new edition of Baines’s Lancashire, i., 329; Axon’s Manchester Libraries, p. 155; Local Notes and Queries of Manchester Guardian, 6th July, 1874; Palatine Note-book, vol. ii., p. 205.(7)

Samuel Peploe, Bishop of Chester and Warden of Manchester, resigned the latter position in favour of his son, Samuel Peploe, jun., LL.D., Chancellor, and Prebendary of Chester, Archdeacon of Richmond, and Rector of Worthenden and Taxall; and to which benefices was added, in 1742, the rich living of Tattenhall, in Cheater. The Bishop Warden had been on bad terms with the Fellows of the Collegiate Church, and the appointment of his son enabled him to use his episcopal power as visitor. An investigation of the affairs of the college since 1718 resulted in the submission and apology of the clergy.(7)