27th. January Monday Manchester
Mr. Thomas Johnson, of Manchester, was appointed High Sheriff January 27.(7)

9th. February Sunday Manchester
Mr. James Hilton, Sen. (commonly called Captain Hilton), died at his house in Shudehill, February 9.(7)

28th. February Friday
Mr. Thomas Samuel Mynshull, of Chorlton Hall, died February 28.(7)

Mr. Jeremiah Bowers, a hatter, died, leaving a fortune of £40,000.(7)

An interesting tract, entitled Friendly Advice to the Poor, “was written and published at the request of the late and present officers of the town of Manchester,” by the Rev. John Clayton, A.M. It gives some curious information as to the social condition of the town, and especially of the poorer classes, at this period. A reply to it appeared under the title of Sequel to the Friendly Advice to the Poor of Manchester, by Joseph Stot, Cobbler. It is uncertain whether this name indicates a veritable son of St. Crispin or is only a pseudonym, but the latter seems the more probable.(7)

1755. Manchester-Crumpsall-Rochdale-Besses-o'th'-Barn-Bury-Radcliffe
Parliament passed a Bill (28 Geo. II., c. 58) for improving the roads from Manchester, by the White Smithy, in Crumpsall, to Rochdale, and from the White Smithy, by Besses-o'th'-Barn, to Bury, and from Besses-o'th'-Barn (making a turnpike road) to Radcliffe Bridge. Fourteen years later the Act was enlarged.