23rd. February Monday
Mr. Miles Bower, hatter, and one of the constables of the town, died Feb. 23.(7)

5th. June Saturday
The war against France was popular, and its proclamation was celebrated by a public procession, June 5.(7)

8th. July Thursday
Sir Thomas Grey Egerton, M.P. for Newton, died at Heaton House, July 8.(7)

17th. September Friday
The effigy of Admiral Byng was carried through the town with a halter about its neck, and an inscription on its back. In the evening it was shot. September 17.(7)

29th. September Wednesday
St. Mary’s Church, situated between the river Irwell and the higher part of Deansgate, was consecrated September 29. It is a Doric edifice, with a spire steeple 186 feet high. The ornamental pulpit in this church was the gift of the congregation to the Rev. John Gatliffe, M.A., fellow of the Collegiate Church, the first rector; and the organ was the gift of Mr. Holland Ackers.(7)

1st. November Monday
Rev. William Shrigley died November 1, aged 62. He was chaplain of the Collegiate Church.(7)

13th. November Saturday
The Rev. Thomas Foxley, on the death of the Rev. John Gatliffe, fellow of the Collegiate Church, was presented to the rectory of St. Mary’s, November 13.(7)

By the first attempt at an enumeration of the population of Manchester and Salford there were estimated to be 19,839 persons in the two towns.(7)

Cotton velvets are said to have been first made at Bolton by Mr. Clarke.(7)

As the result of an action by the warden and fellows of the Collegiate Church against the Traffords of Trafford, the chapter recovered certain leases which had been improperly granted.(7)

The Manchester Circulating Library was instituted.(7)