Rev. Benjamin Nicholls, M.A., died at Eccles, June. He was curate of St. Ann’s. His thanksgiving sermon on the suppression of the rebellion was printed in 1746, and he was appointed to the vicarage of Eccles in March, 1747. Some others of his sermons have been printed. (Bardsley’s Memorials and Harland’s Ancient Perish of Eccles, 1864.)(7)

29th. June Saturday
The Rev. Richard Clowes, fellow of the Collegiate Church, died June 29, aged 29 years, having been a fellow only one month and six days.(7)

28th. July Sunday
St. Paul’s Church, Turner Street, consecrated July 28. It was known as St. Paul’s Chapel. Considerably enlarged and again consecrated in 1778. It was re-erected at New Cross in 1880.(7)

5th. November Tuesday
Rev. Caleb Warhurst died 5th November. He was the first minister of the Congregational Church in Cannon Street, then called Hunter’s Croft. He is described as “a man of fervent piety, exemplary character, loving spirit, and incessant labour.” (Halley’s Lancashire, p. 519.)(7)

A Lunatic Hospital and Asylum was erected adjoining the Infirmary.(7)

A weaving factory was erected in Manchester by Mr, Gartside.(7)

5 George III. cap. 81. Act for cleansing and lighting the streets, lanes, and passages within the towns of Manchester and Salford, and for providing fire engines and firemen, and for preventing annoyances within the said towns.(7)

The Methodist Conference held in Manchester, under the presidency of the Rev. John Wesley.(7)