29th. January Wednesday
The Manchester Assembly was held on January 29th, so as not to clash with the “Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Charles the First.” The assemblies were, however, kept up during Lent, “except during Passion Week,” when they were postponed until Easter Tuesday. (Palatine Note-book, vol. ii., p. 276.) (7)

21st. April Monday
Dr. Peploe, warden of Manchester, preached a charity sermon in aid of the funds of the Manchester Infirmary, April 21. Sermons were preached simultaneously at the other churches and chapels of the neighbourhood. This Hospital Sunday appears to have been confined to the Established Church. The collections amounted to £164 1s. 1½d.(7)

26th. July Saturday
St. Thomas’s Church, Pendleton, erected at the expense of Mr. Samuel Brierley. It was originally occupied by the Wesleyan Methodists, but was consecrated July 26. The Rev. Mr. Pedley was appointed minister.(7)

Sir Ralph Assheton, Bart., lord of the manor of Middleton, died. The title became extinct. The manor of Middleton came into the possession of Lord Suffield, who had married the eldest daughter and co-heir of Sir Ralph.(7)

The Lunatic Asylum opened for the reception of patients. (7)