18th. April Saturday
Mr. Edward Betts, the organist of the Collegiate Church, Manchester, died 18 April, 1767. He wrote an Introduction to the Skill of Music, 1724. (Manchester Foundations, ii., 259.)(7)

12th. May Tuesday
Mr. John Wainwrlght appointed organist of the Collegiate Church, May 12.(7)

19th. May Tuesday
The following advertisement appeared in Harrop’s Manchester Mercury of May 19: “Any gentleman, or lady, wanting to purchase a Black Boy, 12 years of age, with a good character, has had the smallpox and measles. Whoever this will suit, may, by applying to the Higher Swan and Saracen’s Head, in Market Street Lane, Manchester, meet with a Proper Person to deal with them on reasonable terms.” (Palatine Note-book, voL i., p. 144.)(7)

6th. July Monday
The Manchester Mercury, July 6, announces the death, “on Sunday last” (either July 5 or June 28), of Allen Vigor, an eminent attorney. He was made Master Extraordinary in Chancery in 1758. (Manchester Guardian Local Notes and Queries, 1239.) The lady who is supposed to have been his sister-in-law, Mrs. William Vigor, was the writer of Letters from a Lady who Resided many years in Russia, 1775, which are highly commended by Nichols. (Literary Anecdotes, vol. iii., p. 209.)(7)

8th. October Thursday
A flood occurred October 8.(7)

An additional burial ground was acquired in the place called Back o’ th’ Church. It adjoined the College garden, and was closed in February, 1788.(7)

The Manchester Agricultural Society was founded.(7)

The spinning jenny improved upon by James Hargreaves, of Blackburn. He was the inventor of the crank and comb, an engine of singular merit for facilitating the progress of carding cotton.(7)