Sir Ashton Lever, of Alkrington, appointed high sheriff. February.(7)

21st. March Thursday
The Rev. Radclyffe Russell, rector of Easingwold, in Yorkshire, died, at his house in Manchester, March 21. (7)

23rd. March Saturday
Prescott’s Manchester Journal, No. 1, was issued. It was printed and published every Saturday by John Prescott, in Old Millgate; price 2d. Mar. 23. (7)

4th. November Monday
Rev. Joseph Mottershead died Nov. 4. He was born near Stockport, Aug. 17, 1688, and was ordained as a Nonconformist minister at the age of twenty. After preaching at Kingsley and Nantwich—where Matthew Henry died at his house—he succeeded Mr. Birch at Cross Street. He was buried at the chapel near Mr. Newcome’s grave. There is a portrait of him in Sir Thomas Baker’s Memorials, p. 27. He is the author of Religious Education begun and carried on in Three Catechisms, 1748, and other works. (Ibid., 142.)(7)

In December a notice was issued: “With the approbation and concurrence of the magistrates, we, the boroughreeves and constables, request the shopkeepers and innholders of this town, who have not already taken down their signs, to do the same as soon as possible, and place them against the walls of their houses, as they have been long and justly complained of as nuisances. They obstruct the free passage of the air, annoy the passengers in wet weather, darken the streets, etc., all which inconvenience will be prevented by a compliance with our request, and be manifestly productive both of elegance and utility. Thomas Scott, Benjamin Bower, John Bell.” The natural result of this request was the entire removal, in most cases, of the obnoxious signboards, and the adoption of numbered houses. Manchester was the first in the country, after London, to fall upon this device. (Bardsley’s Memorials, p. 402.)(7)

Mr. Richard Arkwright erected a mill at Cromford, Derbyshire.(7)