22nd. February Sunday
Mr. James Walker, M.D., F.R.S., of Springhead, near Hull, died February 22, aged 70 years. His father, James Walker, was a merchant in Manchester.(7)

15th. April Wednesday
The Rev. Richard Millward, LL.B., one of the chaplains at the Collegiate Church, died April 15.(7)

20th. April Monday
Three boat loads of coal, the first that came from Worsley, arrived at Bank Top, April 20.(7)

19th. June Friday
The Theatre Royal, in Spring Gardens, was burnt down, June 19; rebuilt and opened, February, 1790.(7)

16th. October Friday
Mr. John Wheeler died 16th October. He was formerly of the Manchester Theatre, and was the father of Charles Wheeler, the original proprietor of the Manchester Chronicle. (7)

16th. December Wednesday
Mr. Duncan Smith died 16th December. He was for more than forty years a writing master in Manchester.(7)

There were great public rejoicings on the recovery of George III. from his insanity. (7)

The Unitarian Chapel in Mosley Street was erected. It was taken down in 1836.(7)

Mr. Oswald Mosley, eldest son of Sir J. P. Mosley, died, aged 28. He married the daughter of the Rev. Thomas Tonman, and left four orphans, of whom Oswald succeeded to the title. (See under date 1798.)(7)

The Baptist Chapel, St. George’s Road (now Rochdale Road), was built.(7)

The first volume of the Memoirs of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society was printed, at Warrington, by W. Eyres. A German translation of it appeared.(7)

The Lancashire Humane Society was established.(7)

The first steam engine for spinning cotton is said to have been erected in Manchester for Mr. Drinkwater. (7)