30th. April Saturday
A fire in Blakely Street resulted in the death of a woman and four children, April 30.(7)

24th. July Sunday
The first stone of the Manchester Workhouse, Strangeways, was laid by Mr. Leaf, a magistrate, July 24. It was opened February 14, 1793.(7)

25th. August Thursday
The Manchester Humane Society was established. The first meeting held August 25th, and was presided over by Lord Grey de Wilton.(7)

25th. September Sunday
Mr. Edward Hall died, at his house in King Street, 25th September. He was for 38 years one of the surgeons to the Royal Infirmary, and was an active promoter of the Lying-in Hospital.(7)

7th. November Monday
Mr. Dorning Rasbotham died 7th Nov. He was born in 1730 and served the office of High Sheriff in 1769. His extensive collections for the history of the county were written in Byromís shorthand. He married Sarah, daughter of James Bayley. He wrote Codrus, a tragedy, and a variety of pieces in prose and verse. He was also an amateur artist. (Baines, new edition, i., 542.) (7)

The first printed catalogue of Chethamís Library issued with the title:-
Bibliotheca Chethamensis: sive Bibliothecú publicú Mancuniences ab Humfredo Chetham armigero fundatú Catalogus, exhibens libros in varias classes pro varietate argumenti distributos. Editit Johannes Radcliffe, bibliotheú supradictú custos
. 2 vols. 8vo. Continuations have since appeared.

A Poetical Satire on the Times (London, printed for the author, in the year 1791) contains many curious references to Manchester men and manners. (Axonís Lancashire Gleanings.) (7)

The lord of the manor brought another action claiming by prescription a weekly market on Saturdays for the sale of flour and oatmeal, and succeeded in establishing his right. Mosley v. Norris (not reported).(7)

The Manchester Strangersí Friend Society was established, chiefly by the exertions of the Rev. Dr. Adam Clarke.(7)

An Act of Parliament was obtained for the purpose of lighting, watching, and cleaning the town; and for levying a police tax of 1s. 3d. in the pound, upon the rent of the houses, to defray the expenses. Under this act the commissioners consisted of the boroughreeve and constables for the time being, the warden and feliows of the Coliegiate Church, and the owners and occupiers of any buildings of £30 a year value, under whose control the conjoint towns of Manchester and Salford were placed.(7)

An Act was passed for the making of the Bury and Bolton Canal.(7)

1791. Manchester-Little Lever-Bolton-Bury
An Act was passed for making a navigable canal from Manchester to Prestolee Bridge, in Little Lever, and thence by one branch to Bolton, by another branch to Bury, and to Weddel Brook in Bury.(9)

John Imisson died. ďIt may not be amiss to mention the ingenious Imisson, who, among other pursuits, made some progress in the art of letter founding, and actually printed some popular novels at Manchester, with wood-cuts cut by himself.Ē (Lemoineís Typographical Antiquities, 1797, p. 81.) He was also an optician in Manchester, and published there The School of Arts.(7)

31 George III. cap. 43. Act for vesting the settled estate of Samuel Clowes the younger, Esquire, in the county of Lancaster, in himself, in fee simple, and for settling an estate of greater value, in the same county, in lieu thereof, and in exchange for the same, and for enabling the said Samuel Clowes to grant building leases of the estate hereby settled.(7)