The effigy of Paine was burnt by the populace, January.(7)

17th. June Monday
33 George III. Act for more effectually repairing, widening, and improving certain roads leading to and from the towns of Salford, Warrington, Bolton, and Wigan, and to certain places called the Broad Oak, in Worsley, and Duxbury Stocks, and also the road from a place called the South Sea, in Pendlebury, to Agecroft Bridge, and from thence to Hilton Lane to Dawson Lane End, and also from Agecroft Bridge over Kersal Moor to Singleton Brook. June 17.(7)

19th. June Wednesday
Thomas White, M.D., died 19th June.(7)

18th. July Thursday
Thomas Quincey, father of Thomas de Quincey, died at Greenheys, 18th July. He was born in 1754 and was the author of an anonymous Short Tour in the Midland Counties, London, 1775 (Axon’s Lancashire Gleanings, p. 285). He settled in Manchester before 1780, and was a haberdasher who in 1783 gave up the retail to confine himself to the wholesale trade. He is also called a West India Merchant. (Espinasse’s Lancashire Worthies.) There are few passages more impressive than De Quincey’s description of the home-coming of the father already dying of consumption in his thirty-ninth year.(7)

11th. August Sunday
The New Jerusalem Church, Peter Street, was opened, 11th August, by Rev. William Cowherd and Rev. Joseph Proud. (7)

25th. December Wednesday
St. Clement’s Church, Lever Street, was built by the Rev. E. Smyth, and opened for divine service on Christmas Day.(7)

The Salford Workhouse was built in Greengate.(7)

An act was obtained for cutting the Haslingden canal.(7)

33 George III. cap. 21. Act to enable the company of proprietors of the canal navigation from Manchester to or near Ashton-under-Lyne and Oldham, to extend the said canal from a place called Clayton Demesne, in the township of Droylsden, to a place on the turnpike road in Heaton Norris, opposite to the house known by the sign of the Three Boars’ Heads; and from or nearly from a place called Taylor’s Barn, in the township of Reddish, to Denton, at a place called Beat Bank, adjoining the turnpike road leading between Stockport and Ashton-under-Lyne, and also from the intended aqueduct, at or near a place called Stake Leach, at Hollinwood.(7)

33 George III. cap. 50. Act to empower William Churchill Dickenson, Esquire, to grant building leases, renewable leases, and to make conveyances in fee of and upon all or any part of the estates at Chorlton Row, devised by the will of John Dickenson, Esquire, deceased, situate near the town of Manchester.(7)

33 George III. cap. 58. Act to enable John Trafford, Esquire, and other persons after his death, to grant leases of the estates devised by the will of the late Humphrey Trafford, Esquire, situate in the counties of Lancaster and Chester, for building, and also to grant leases of certain waste moss lands in the said counties, other parts of the said devised estates.(7)

1793. Radcliffe-Bolton
Wesleyan Methodism established at Radcliffe. The Rev. Thomas Taylor, who was stationed at Bolton in 1793-94, says in his autobiography-"At a place called Radcliffe we began a society."