29th. January Wednesday
Salisbury’s factory, at Knot Mill, was destroyed by fire. A young woman lost her life by this disaster. January 29. (7)

3rd. February Monday
Mr. Jonathan Pollard’s factory, in Ancoats, burnt down, February 3.(7)

31st. March Monday
Mr. Alexander Gilbody died 31st March, aged 78. He was for 64 years boat-builder to the Mersey and Irwell Navigation Company.(7)

5th. May Monday
At a meeting, 5th May, of the General Committee of Sunday Schools it was decided that a certain number of the rooms should be henceforth called Church of England schools, and to be governed by the clergy and their friends, and that the same right belong to the Dissenters with respect to the other schools. Dr. Cornelius Bayley is regarded as the chief author of this separation. (Bardsley’s Memorials, pp. 124-5.) (7)

16th. May Friday
39 and 40 George III. cap. 24. Act for amending the several Acts passed for making finishing, and completing the Canal Navigation from Manchester to or near Ashton-under-Lyne and Oldham, and the several cuts and other works authorised to be made and done by the company of proprietors of the said Canal Navigation and for granting to the said company further and other powers May 16.(7)

30th. May Friday
39 and 40 George III. cap. 36. Act for better enabling the Company of Proprietors of the Rochdale Canal to raise money for completing the said canal, and to vary the line of the said Canal, and to alter, explain, and amend the Act passed in the thirty-fourth year of the reign of His present Majesty, for making the said canal. May 30.(7)

6th. June Friday
Richard Assheton, D.D., died 6th June. He was warden of the Collegiate Church, Manchester, and rector of Middleton. He was born at Middleton, August 16, 1727.(7)

28th. September Sunday
The Bible Christian Church, King Street, Salford, was opened 28th Sept.(7)

10th. December Wednesday
A fire, by which warehouses in Hodson Square were burnt down December 10, caused damages to the extent of £50,000, exclusive of the buildings.(7)

30th. December Tuesday
Dean’s cotton factory, Oxford Road, was destroyed by fire, December 30. The damage was estimated at £13,000. (7)

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Great Bridgewater Street, built.(7)

Dr. John Mitchell published The First of the New Exposition of the Revelation of the Apostle John, by J. M., M.D. (London, 1800). He was a believer in the millennium. (Hibbert Ware’s Life of S. Hibbert Ware, p. 241.)(7)

Thomas Blackburne, LL.D., appointed warden.(7)

Mr. James Ackers, of Lark Hill, Salford, having been appointed high sheriff, was escorted from his residence by the whole corps of volunteers and a numerous assemblage of gentry, &c, of the town and neighbourhood, forming a procession of upwards of a mile in length.(7)

Margaret Macaulay, a well-known beggar, died at the reputed age of 101.(7)