16th January Friday
Julius Leuchte, leader of the band at the Gentlemenís Concert, died Jan. 16.(7)

The Rev. John Lever died February, aged 75. He was the brother of Sir Ashton Lever, of Alkrington.(7)

The Grand Lodge of the Loyal Orange Institution of England established at the Star Hotel, Deansgate. Colonel Taylor, of Moston, was elected Grand Master. February.(7)

12th April Sunday
Mr. Francis Duckinfield Astley, of Dukinfield, was appointed High Sheriff for Cheshire, and passed through Manchester 12th April, with a splendid cavalcade, accompanied by the Rifle Corps.(7)

6th May Wednesday
The Rev. Jeremiah Smith, D.D., of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, appointed master of the Free Grammar School, May 6.(7)

12th July Sunday
The Theatre Royal, Fountain Street, was opened July 12, with the comedy of Folly as it Flies and Rosina, under the management of Mr. Macready. The rent was £2,000 a year.(7)

13th July Monday
There was a riot between the Orangemen and the Irish, in High Street, July 13.(7)

8th August Saturday
47 George III. stat. 2, cap. 81. Act to alter, amend, explain, and enlarge the powers of the several Acts passed for making and maintaining the Rochdale Canal Navigation. August 8.(7)

10th August Monday
John Lancaster died at Mere 10th August. He is said to have been the first to open a Sunday school in Manchester. He was a shoemaker in a cellar in London Road, where he started a school in 1785. (Manchester Guardian Local Notes and Queries, No. 984.)(7)

20th November Friday
As three boys were sliding upon the ponds in Strangeways Park, the ice broke and they were let into the water, when two were saved by Mr. David Law, jun. The other was drowned. November 20.(7)

The Independent Chapel, Grosvenor Street, was opened in December.(7)

James Massey, who was a prisoner in the New Bailey, charged with an unnatural crime, hanged himself, and was buried near the ď distance chairĒ on Kersal Moor; from whence he was afterwards removed and buried in the ditch at the place where Grindrod was gibbeted, and was finally interred near the Salford weighing machine.(7)

The payment of cock penny abolished by the feoffees of the Free Grammar School.(7)

The Independent Methodist Chapel, Shaw Street, Salford, was opened.(7)

The Baptist Chapel, York Street, was built.(7)

The first packet boat from the New Bailey Bridge commenced sailing to Runcorn.(7)

Rev. George Walker, F.R.S., died in London in 1807. He was born at Newcastle-on-Tyne in 1735, and after preaching to Dissenting congregations at Durham and Yarmouth became mathematical teacher at Warrington. In 1794 he was master at Nottingham, but came to Manchester as a professor at the Manchester Academy. He was president of the Literary and Philosophical Society, and the author of the Dissenterís Plea, and various essays on ethical and belles-lettres. (Smithís Centenary, p. 186.)(7)

Mr. Joseph Hanson resigned the command of the Manchester Loyal Masonic Rifle Volunteers.(7)

1807. Unsworth
James Greaves, of Unsworth, died aged 87. Was parish clerk and village schoolmaster for 67 years. His wife died, aged 90; a sister aged 87; and his son (parish sexton from his youth) 81.