2nd January Monday
The newsroom was opened at the Exchange 2nd January.(7)

11th February Saturday
The Rev. John Clowes, of Broughton Hall, was elected a fellow of the Collegiate Church, February 11.(7)

13th April Thursday
A large pile of warehouses, situated in Crompton Court, was burnt down, April 13.(7)

12th May Friday
Mr. Joseph Hanson, of Strangeways Hall, was sentenced in the Court of King’s Bench to six months’ imprisonment, and a fine of £100, May 12, for his share in the conflict between the weavers and their masters. A “penny subcription” was raised, to which there were thirty-nine thousand six hundred contributors. Hanson was justly popular with the working classes.(7)

20th June Tuesday
49 George III. cap. 192. Act for more effectually supplying with water the inhabitants of the towns of Manchester and Salford. June 20.(7)

4th June Sunday
The dining-room of the Exchange was opened 4th June.(7)

24th October Tuesday
The Ladies’ Jubilee School, Strangeways, was founded October 24. (See under date 1810.)(7)

25th October Wednesday
The Jubilee, to commemorate the fiftieth year of the reign of George III., celebrated with processions, balls, and fireworks, October 25.(7)

The fine whole length portrait of Colonel Stanley, painted by Lawrence, was presented by James Ackers and Thomas Johnson, and placed in the Exchange room. November.(7)

Mr. Samuel Clowes, of Broughton Hall, was appointed high sheriff of the county.(7)

The lessee of the Theatre Royal, the elder Macready, found himself in financial straits. His son, afterwards so famous as an actor, although only a youth of sixteen, was practically manager of his father’s company. The youth saw his father arrested by the sheriff’s officer. “When I found him actually a prisoner,” he says, “my fortitude gave way, and I burst into tears.” For W. C. Macready’s later connection with the town see under date 1849.(7)

The Swedenborgian Conference was to have been held in Manchester, but, “from unforeseen circumstances of an unpleasant nature,” did not take place. A conference, summoned by the Rev. William Cowherd, was held, and resulted in the formation of the Bible Christian Church. (Hindmarsh’s Rise of New Jerusalem Church, p. 190.)(7)

The Manchester Exchange Herald, No. 1, September 30, was printed and published by Joseph Aston, St. Ann Street.(7)

Mary Leatherbarrow, said to be 106 years of age, died at Hulme.(7)

Bradbury, the clown, opened the new Amphitheatre in Spring Gardens, September.(7)

The scutching machine introduced into Manchester by Mr. James Kennedy.(7)