3rd January Saturday
The Manchester Observer, No. 1, January 3, was printed and published by the proprietor, Thomas Rogerson. This paper changed hands many times, and was discontinued June 21, 1821.(7)

29th January Thursday
Mrs. Sarah Bowden died January 29, in her 92nd year. She possessed a clear recollection of the year 1745 (at which time she was 18 years of age), when Prince Charles Edward entered the town. There were two brothers and two sisters living at one time, whose united ages averaged 80 years each.(7)

31st January Saturday
The Savings Bank opened in Cross Street January 31.(7)

4th February Wednesday
Messrs. Smith and Ingleís paper works, at Throstle Nest, were burnt down February 4.(7)

9th March Monday
A meeting held in St. Peterís Field for the purpose of petitioning for Parliamentary Reform, March 9.(7)

17th March Tuesday
58 George III. cap. 4. Act for continuing the term and altering and enlarging the powers of an Act of His present Majestyís reign, for improving the road from Manchester to Rochdale, and other roads therein mentioned, so far as relates to the Bury and Ratcliffe Bridge District of road therein mentioned, and for making two new branches of road to communicate with the said district of road. March 17.(7)

17th March Tuesday
58 George III. cap. 6. Act for making and maintaining a turnpike road from near the town of Manchester to Hyde Lane Bridge, in the county of Chester. March 17.(7)

17th March Tuesday
58 George III. cap. 9. Act for continuing the term and altering and enlarging the powers of an Act passed in the thirty-third year of His present Majestyís reign, for repairing the road from Manchester to Salterís Brook. March 17.(7)

17th March Tuesday
58 George III. cap. 12. Act for more effectually repairing and improving the road from Ardwick Green, near Manchester, to the bridge at the cornmills, near Wilmslow. March 17.(7)

Mr. James Norris was appointed stipendiary magistrate, on the resignation of Mr. W. D. Evans. March.(7)

30th April Thursday
Henry Clarke, LL.D., died April 30. He was the son of Thomas Clarke, of Salford, and was born there in 1743. The University of Edinburgh complimented him with the degree of Doctor of Laws. On the 29th of April be was seized with apoplexy, and died the next day, at Islington, near London, in his 76th year, leaving a widow and a family of two sons and four daughters. Dr. Clarke was acquainted with Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French; distinguished himself in mathematics; was an excellent penman and draughtsman; had an extraordinary knowledge of perspective; was an expert mechanic; and a compiler of and contributor to various scientific and literary works. He was at one time an unsuccessful candidate for the position of master of the village school at Stretford, and wrote a satirical tract, entitled the School Candidates, which has been reprinted with a full biographical and bibliographical memoir by Mr. J. E. Bailey. In 1802 he became professor of history and experimental philosophy at the Military College, Saudhurst.(7)

10th June Wednesday
58 George III. cap. 86. Act for building a chapel of ease in the township of Pendleton and parish of Eccles. St. Matthewís. June 10.(7)

26th June Friday
Mr. Adam Murray died at Rose Hill June 26, aged 52.(7)

Mr. Charles Terry, for many years governor of Chethamís Hospital, died in June.(7)

7th July Tuesday
The fiftieth anniversary of the induction of the Rev. John Clowes to the rectory of St. Johnís was celebrated by his congregation July 7.(7)

26 July Sunday
Mr. Thomas Cooke died July 26. He was born in Sheffield March 20, 1763. His Views of the Science of Physiognomy was published posthumously in 1819.(7)

30th July Thursday Radcliffe
Packet boat containing a pleasure party sank in the canal near Withins Bridge, Radcliffe, July 30.

When Messingham Church was rebuilt some fragments of stained glass from Manchester were placed in the windows. (Academy, 19th July, 1884; Palatine Note-book, vol. iv., pp. 116, 135,)(7)

9th September Wednesday
There was a general turn-out of the spinners, colliers, and weavers for an advance of wages. Mr. Grayís factory was attacked, and one man was killed, September 9.(7)

19th September Saturday
Henry Jones died at Wrexham 19th September. He was formerly a gunner in the 72nd or Manchester Volunteers, and so distinguished himself by his daring at the siege of Gibraltar that he was afterwards styled ďHarry the Devil.Ē(7)

3rd October Saturday
Mrs. Fry visited the New Bailey Prison, October 3.(7)

22nd October Thursday
Maximilian, Archduke of Austria, visited Manchester. He stayed at the Bridgewater Arms. October 22.(7)

30th October Friday
An amateur performance at the Theatre Royal for the benefit of the House of Recovery, October 30, produced £300.(7)

7th November Saturday
The Spectator, No. 1, was printed by Thomas Wilkinson, November 7.(7)

13th November Friday
Mr. Ashworth Clegg died 13th November. He was born 16th May, 1748, and was educated at the Manchester Grammar School, and was one of the promoters of the Manchester Academy. There is a portrait of him in Sir Thomas Bakerís Memorials. To his nephew, Sir Samuel Clegg, is due the merit of the first application of gas to the illumination of a town.(7)

Bennett Street Sunday School was erected to accommodate 2,687 pupils.(7)

St. Markís Day and Sunday School, Cheetham Hill, was established.(7)

An Act obtained for cutting a road from Ardwick Green to Gorton.(7)

Mr. George Crossley appointed governor of Chethamís Hospital. He resigned in 1841.(7)

St. Annís Churchyard was enclosed with an iron palisading.(7)