9th January Wednesday
A saw mill belonging to Messrs. D. Bellhouse and Son wilfully set on fire and destroyed, January 9.(7)

2th February Saturday
The Manchester Iris, No. 1, February 2, printed and published by Henry Smith; ceased February 27, 1823. Henry Smith served his apprenticeship with William Cowdroy, jun. He died July 11, 1838, aged 44 years.(7)

10th March Sunday
Mr. William Cowdroy, jun., proprietor and printer of the Manchester Gazette died March 10, aged 47.(7)

Messrs. Hugh Hornby Birley, major of the Manchester Yeomanry Cavalry; Richard Withington, captain; Alexander Oliver, private, and Edward Meagher, trumpeter in the  same corps, were tried at Lancaster in March, under an acton of assult and wounding on the 16th of August, 1819, Thomas Redford, a journeyman hatter; but after a trial of five days a verdict was given for the defendants. This was an attempt to bring to account those who were responsible for the Peterloo massacre.(7)

13th May Monday
Elizabeth, relict of George Ormerod, and mother of Dr. Ormerod, died May 13; aged 69.(7)

15th May Wednesday
3 George IV., cap. 14. Act for lighting and watching, and for regulating the police within the township of Chorlton Row. May 15.(7)

23th May Thursday
The County Court first held in Manchester, by adjournment from Preston, May 23.(7)

Smithfield Market, Shudehill, was opened in May.(7)

30th June Sunday
The Manchester Society for the Promotion of Natural History established June 30. The Museum, late in Peter Street, was opened May 18, 1835. The collection is now at the Owens College.(7)

The improvementin Market Street was commenced in June.(7)

10th August Saturday
The foundation stone of the Town Hall, King Street, was laid by Mr. James Brierley, boroughreeve, August 10. It was finished 1825. The cost of land was £6,500; of building, £28,035; finishing the large room, £5,012; making a total outlay of £39,547. The style of architecture is taken from the Temple of Erecthus at Athens, and the dome in the centre is after the model of the Tower of the Winds. In the niches in front are figures of Solon and Alfred, and in the attic are medallion portraits of Locke, Solon, and Judge Hale. The building measures 134 feet in front, and 76 feet in depth. The increase of municipal business led to the vacation of the old Town Hall in 1877, and it is now used for the Central Free Reference Library.(7)

12th August Monday
St. Matthew’s Church, Liverpool Road, founded August 12; consecrated September 24, 1825. It will accommodate 2,000 persons. It is of modern Gothic architecture, and has a lantern tower and spire, the height of which is 132 feet. It is built upon part of the site of the ancient Roman town of Mancunium. Sir Charles Barry was the architect.(7)

14th August Wednesday
A General Swedenborgian Conference held at Bolton Street Temple, Salford, August 14-17. (Hindmarsh’s Rise, &c., p. 375.)(7)

27th November Wednesday
The death of “Old Billy” excited a great deal of interest. “Billy” was a horse belonging to the Mersey and Irwell Navigation, and when he died, 27th November, was in the 62nd year of his age. A lithograph was published, showing “Old Billy,” with Henry Harrison, who had known the animal for fifty-nine years.(7)

Rusholme Road Cemetery was opened.(7)

A dome added to St. Peter’s Church. Mosley Street.(7)

The Female Penitentiary opened in Rusholme Road.(7)

The New Quay Company begun by John Brettargh and two others, with a capital of £30,000.(7)

The Wesleyan Tract Association was instituted.(7)

The manufacture of gros de Naples and figured sarcenets introduced into Manchester. (Wheeler’s Manchester.)(7)

1822. Prestwich
Prestwich Church again burglariously entered.