6th. January Friday
In consequence of the heavy snowstorms which occurred at this time, railway and other traffic was much impeded, January 6.(7)

12th. January Thursday
Rev. William Parr Greswell died January 12. He was born at Chester, 1765, and was incumbent of Denton for sixty-three years. He wrote Memoirs of Angelus Politianus, and others, 1801; Parisian Typography, 1818; Monastery of St. Werburgh, a poem, 1823; Early Parisian Greek Press, 1833. (Booker's Denton-Chetham's Miscellany, vol. 2.-p. 109.)(7)

18th. January Wednesday
A public meeting of the National Public Schools Association was held in the Mechanics' Institution, Cooper Street, January 18.(7)

12th. February Sunday
Rev. Oswald Sergeant, M.A., Minister of St. Philip's, Salford, and Canon of Manchester, died February 12. He was born at Manchester, May 28, 1800. He published A Funeral Sermon on the Death of T. Calvert, D.D., with brief Memoir, and various other sermons and tracts.(7)

1st. March Wednesday
The warehouse of Messrs. Rylands and Sons, New High Street, was destroyed by fire, March 1.(7)

21st. April Friday
Rev. John Gooch Robberds died April 21. He was born at Norwich, May 19, 1789, and educated at the Grammar School there, and at Manchester New College, York. In 1810 he became co-pastor of Cross Street Chapel. There is a portrait of him in Sir Thomas Baker's Memorials. He wrote Christian Festivals and Natural Seasons, which appeared posthumously in the year of his death. Many of his separate sermons were also printed.(7)

28th. April Friday
The Old Factory, Miller's Lane, Shudehill, was entirely destroyed by fire, April 28.(7)

24th. May Wednesday
The Bishop of Manchester laid the corner stone of the new building intended for a day school for the boys of St. Matthew's Church, May 24.(7)

2nd. June Friday
17 Victoria, cap. 20. Act to repeal an Act of the fifty-third year of King George III., cap. 72, and an Act of the eighth year of Her present Majesty, cap. 21, and for making provision for the appointment and for remuneration of a Stipendiary Justice for the division of Manchester, and of clerks to such Justice and the Justices for the borough of Salford, and for other purposes. June 2.(7)

2nd. June Friday
17 and 18 Victoria. Act for enabling the Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of the City of Manchester to widen certain streets in and otherwise improve the said city; to raise a further sum of money, and for other purposes. June 2.(7)

13th. July Thursday
A meeting was held in the Town Hall, July 13, to determine what measures should be taken to further the objects of the International Exhibition at Paris in 1855.(7)

24th. July Monday
The Manchester and Salford Temperance Society held a meeting in the Friends' Meeting House, Mount Street, July 24, when resolutions were passed in favour of closing public-houses on Sundays.(7)

1st. August Tuesday
An Anti-Slavery meeting was held in the library hall of the AthenŠum, August 1.(7)

3rd. August Thursday
Rev. John William Whittaker, D.D., Vicar of Blackburn, died there August 3. He was born at Manchester, 1790. He was the author of Inquiry into the Interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures, 1819-20; Statutes and Charter of Rivington School, 1837; Sermon to the Chartists, 1839; other works, sermons, pamphlets, and papers. (Gentleman's Magazine, October, 1854, p. 396.)(7)

2nd. September Saturday
Rev. R. M. Master was admitted Archdeacon of Manchester, September 2.(7)

2nd. September Saturday
The foundation stone of St. Paul's Church, Stretford Road, Hulme, was laid, September 2, by Dr. J. P. Lee, Bishop of Manchester. The church was opened for divine service, by licence, on June 20, 1855, but was not consecrated until January 10, 1856. This has been called the Working Man's Church, for the reason that the cost of building was defrayed almost entirely by members of the humbler classes.(7)

4th. September Monday
Mr. James Sheridan Knowles, who, alter attaining distinction as a dramatist, had turned his attention to theology, gave the first of a series of lectures on Popery, in Lever Street Chapel, September 4.(7)

17th. October Tuesday
Much damage was done to property by heavy storms of wind, October 17 and 18.(7)

25th. October Wednesday
An extensive fire broke out in the warehouse of Messrs. F. H. Theode and Co., Smithy Lane, Lower King Street, October 25.(7)

18th. November Saturday
Mr. W. C. Macready, the tragedian, gave readings from the poets, in the Mechanics' Institution, November 18.(7)

18th. December Monday
A public meeting was held at the Town Hall, December 18, for the purpose of establishing the Manchester and Salford Baths and Laundries Company.(7)

18th. December Monday
Canon Stowell gave a lecture in the Mechanics' Institution, December 18, on "The Causes of Poverty, &c, among the Working Classes."(7)

21st. December Thursday
Rev. Jeremiah Smith, D.D., died at Brewood, Staffordshire, December 21. He was born at Brewood, July 22, 1771. He was for many years High Master of Manchester Grammar School, and the author of A Vindication of Defensive War, a sermon before the North Worcester Volunteers, 1805. (Manchester School Register, vol. iii., p. 2.)(7)

17 and 18 Victoria. Act for the extension of the Manchester Corporation Waterworks and for other purposes, and of which the short title "The Manchester Corporation Waterworks Act, 1854."(7)