9th. January Saturday
Peter Shorrocks, Secretary of the Amalgamated Society of Journeyman Tailors, died aged 51.(8)

13th. January Wednesday
Joseph Leece, managing director of the firm of Sir Joseph Whitworth and Co., died at Melbourne, Victoria, aged 52.(8)

24th. January Sunday
Thomas Dudley Ryder, Registrar of the Diocese of Manchester, died, in his 72nd. year.(8)

2nd. February Tuesday
Hugh Mason, late M.P. for Ashton-under-Lyne, died aged 66.(8)

2nd. February Tuesday
Great fire at the warehouse of Messrs. George Peak and Co. Portland Street.(8)

2nd. February Tuesday
Shakspere Wood, Sculptor and Roman Topographer, a native of Manchester, died at Rome, aged 58.(8)

7th. February Sunday
Edward Edwards, formerly librarian of the Manchester Free Library, died, aged 74.(8)

15th. February Monday
New buildings in Oxford Street for the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital opened by the Mayor (Alderman Goldschidt).(8)

16th. February Tuesday
Richard Hanby, house governor of Chetham's Hospital died, aged 57.(8)

22nd. February Monday
Commemorative services at Cross Street Chapel, in connection with the centenary of Manchester New Collage. A reception of old students and others was held by the Mayor at the Town Hall in the evening.(8)

5th. March Friday
John Peiser, for many years associated with the Manchester Mechanics' Institution, died, in his 85th. year.(8)

8th. March Monday
John Brooks, M.P. for the Altrincham Division of Cheshire, died, aged 30.(8)

9th. March Tuesday
Rev. John Dury Geden, D.D., professor of Hebrew and Classics at the Didsbury Wesleyan College, died in his 64th. year.(8)

21st. March Sunday
John Greenwood, Chairman of the Manchester Carriage and Tramways Company, died, in his 68th. year.(8)

23rd. March Tuesday
George Richardson, a Manchester poet, died, aged 81.(8)

24th. March Wednesday
Local Government Board enquiry held in the Town Hall as to Carrington Moss, and as to Provisional Order re Borrowing Powers and Stock.(8)

28th. March Sunday
Edward Kirk, a Manchester literary man, died, aged 54.(8)

17th. April Saturday
Alderman Sir Thomas Baker, Knight, died, in his 76th. year.(8)

27th. April Tuesday
Professor Tobias Theodores, of Owens College, died, in his 78th. year.(8)

29th. April Thursday
The Marquis of Ripon was entertained at dinner by the Mayor.(8)

30th. April Friday
A dinner in honour of the Marquis of Ripon was given at the Manchester Reform Club.(8)

4th. May Tuesday
Sir Humphrey De Trafford, of Trafford Park, died, aged 78.(8)

5th. May Wednesday
Councillor Craven elected an Alderman, vice the late Sir T. Baker.(8)

12th. May Wednesday
The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Bayley, Swedenborgian Minister, a native of Salford, died, aged 76.(8)

18th. May Tuesday
Enthronement of Dr. James Moorhouse, Bishop of Manchester, at the Cathedral. In the evening, the Mayor (Alderman Goldschmitt) held a reception and conversazione at the Town Hall, in honour of the occasion.(8)

18th. May Tuesday
John Cheetham, formerly M.P. for Salford, died, in his 85th. year.(8)

19th. May Wednesday
Contested election of a Councillor for St. George's Ward, H. H. Mainwaring was returned by 1,160 votes, against 1,015 for Mr. S. C. Richardson.(8)

20th. May Thursday
Canon James Bardsley, formerly rector of St. Ann's Church, died, aged 78.(8)

28th. May Friday
James Stephenson, an eminent engraver, a native of Manchester, died, in his 78th. year.(8)

6th. June Sunday
Richard Potter, M.A. Professor of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy in University College, London, a native of Manchester, died, in his 88th. year.(8)

7th. June Monday
Frederick Blethyn Capley Hulton, J.P., Registrar of the Salford County Court, died, in his 69th. year.(8)

16th. June Wednesday
William Alfred Turner, Member of the Art Gallery Committee, died, aged 48.(8)

21st. June Monday
The old colours of the Manchester Regiment were deposited in the Manchester Cathedral.(8)

25th. June Friday
Visit to Manchester of the Marquis Tseng, late Chinese Ambassador. Addresses were presented to him by the Corporation and the Chamber of Commerce, and he was entertained to dinner by the Mayor and Corporation.(8)

25th. June Friday
Visit of Mr. Gladstone. He met with an entusiastic reception in the streets, and delivered a speech in the Free Trade Hall on the Irish Question. On the following day he visited upon the Mayor at the Town Hall.(8)

30th. June Wednesday
Lord Randolph Churchill delivered speeches at the Hulme Town Hall and the Free Trade Hall. He was enthusiastically cheered in the streets.(8)

30th. June Wednesday
Mr. C.S. Parnell addressed a great meeting at St. James's Hall, Oxford St.(8)

2nd. July Friday
Parliamentary General Election in Manchester and Salford.(8)

2nd. July Friday
Alderman George Booth died in his 80th. year.(8)

6th. July Tuesday
Copeland Zigomala, JP., Greek Merchant and Treasurer of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, died, aged 70.(8)

8th. July Thursday
Charles Hilditch Richards, for many years chairman of the Manchester Board of Guardians, died, aged 74.(8)

12th. July Monday
Mr. Justice Kay, in the Chancery Division of the High Court of Chancery, delivered his decision in favour of the plantiff in the trade-mark case of Behrens v. Whittaker.(8)

14th. July Wednesday
Councillor Thomas Rose elected an alderman, vice the late Mr. George Booth.(8)

15th. July Thursday
An Anglo-French club was opened in St. Peter's Square.(8)

19th. July Monday
A Town's Meeting was held to consider proposals for holding an Exhibition in Manchester in 1887. The project was approved and a committee appointed.(8)

19th. July Monday
A Meeting was held in the Mayor's Parlour to promote the establishment of practical and recreative classes in Manchester.(8)

20th. July Tuesday
The Ship Canal Prospectus was issued by Messrs. Rothschild, but withdrawn a few days after.(8)

20th. July Tuesday
Mr. A.G. Copeland elected councillor for St. Ann's Ward without opposition, in place of Mr. Rose, elected alderman.(8)

29th. July Thursday
The Memorial Stone of the Gibbon Street Bridge, connecting the districts of Beswick and Bradford with Ancoats, was laid by Alderman Heywood.(8)

4th. August Wednesday
The City Council accepted the gift from Mrs. Abel Heywood of a valuable collection of Japanese Cloisonne Enamels, to become part of the Public Art Treasures of the City.(8)

5th. August Thursday
A meeting of guarantors of the Proposed Manchester Jubilee Exhibition was held, when the Mayor reported the amount of the guarantee fund to be then 105,000.(8)

9th. August Monday
About 100 visitors from the Colonies and India, who were attending the Colonial and Indian Exhibition in London, arrived in Manchester, and were received and entertained by the Corporation, and inspected several public buildings and manufactures. In the evening a conversazione was given in the Town Hall. The visitors left Manchester on the following afternoon.(8)

9th. August Monday
The Ven. Archdeacon Edward Birch died, aged 77.(8)

11th. August Wednesday
Unopposed re-election of the Right Hon. A.J. Balfour, as member for the East Division of Manchester, on his appointment as Secretory for Scotland.(8)

14th. August Saturday
The Foundation stone of the Simpson Memorial, at Moston, a building to be devoted to educational and recreative purposes, was laid by Dr. A.W. Ward, Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University.(8)

19th. August Thursday
Henry Boddington, senior, died in his 73rd. year.(8)

13th. September Monday
William Hartley, engineer and inventor, died in his 65th. year.(8)

20th. September Monday
An extension of the hours during which the Manchester Free Public Libraries are open was carried into effect this day. They are now open until 10 o'clock at night.(8)

25th. September Saturday
Act of Parliament confirming Manchester Provisional Order passed.(8)

7th. October Thursday
The Manchester Art Museum was opened at the Ancoats Old Hall.(8)

8th. October Friday
A new building for the Manchester Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Throat was opened in Hardman Street, by the Earl of Derby.(8)

26th. October Tuesday
The Master of the Rolls (Lord Fisher), with Lords Justices Lindley and Lopes, acting as Court of Appeal, gave a decision by which the assumption of authority by the Hackney Coach Committee of imposing fines on cabmen was ordered to cease.(8)

27th. October Wednesday
The New Central Buildings, occupying the site of the old Wesleyan Chapel in Oldham Street, were opened.(8)

29th. October Friday
Robert Nicholson, Manchester Merchant, died, aged 84.(8)

11th. November Thursday
Alderman Thomas Rose died, aged 62.(8)