449 Manchester
Baines narrates, on the authority of Geoffrey of Monmouth, the successes of Aurelius Ambrosius against the invading Saxons. Octa was conquered at York, and "Ebissa, who had probably occupied Manchester while Octa was stationed at York, also submitted; but on the death of Ambrosius they revolted and took Overbrough, Walton-le-Dale, Manchester, and Warrington. They were defeated and captured at York." Even If it were possible to accept Geoffrey of Monmouth as a sober chronicler, or to separate the grains of tradition from the mass of fable which appears equally hopeless - it must be further confessed that Geoffrey makes no mention of Manchester in his narrative. He does not say that Manchester was part of the lordship or kingdom of Eosa, Ebusa,or Ebissa, as the chief is variously styled. He merely says that it was "the country bordering upon Scotland." The conqueror of Ebussa is the legendary Uther, the father of King Arthur. (7)