689 Manchester
Manchester selected for the residence of Ethelburga, the consort of Ina, King of Wessex, during his march against the Welsh under Ivor and Henyr, who had laid waste the province of Chester. Having conquered the invaders in two sanguinary conflicts, Ina, according to a chronicle quoted by Humphrey Lhuyd, "departed himself with Adelard, his cousen, to Queen Ethelburga, being then at Manchester, and continued there about three months." Ormerod's Cheshire, vol. i., introd. xxv.)  In the Rhyming Chronicle of Robert Mannyng, alias Robert de Brunne, of about A.D. 1300 (and which is apparently a paraphrase of Peter Langtoft's French Chronicle), is the following version (modernised) of the facts cited by Humphrey Lhuyd :-

"The English kings turned; they could do no more
But sojourned them awhile, in rest, at Bangor;
So that each king of realm should make him all ready
At the Easter (aThe King Ina would tarry),
Homeward to go, to child and to wife,
To visit their lands and solace their life.
Ina, King of Weesex, for his wife sent
Unto Mamecestre. The Queen to him went."