Great Heaton


The townships of Great and Little Heaton are both in this parish, and adjacent to the village of Prestwich. They are respectively four and five miles north of Manchester. Great Heaton, situated on the southern extremity of Heaton Park, contains 838 acres, of the gross annual value of 2,671. 9s., rateable value 2,123. 11s. 3d., and the population in 1851 was 150. There are seventeen ratepayers in the township, fourteen of whom are farmers. Messrs. Joseph Kershaw and Sons have bleach works here, and here also are the dye works occupied by Messrs. James Royle and Sons. Heaton House, a seat of the Earl of Wilton, is a handsome modern structure of stone, erected by Whyatt, with columns of the Ionic order, and a circular projection in the centre, surmounted by a spacious dome. This fine mansion, of considerable dimensions, is situated on the Bury road, not far from the village of Prestwich, and in a verdant and well wooded park five miles in circumference. There are four entrances, and four lodges occupied by gatekeepers, but the principal entrance is from the Bury road by an elegant Doric lodge. From a bold eminence in the park, at some distance from the house, stands a circular temple, commanding extensive and picturesque views of the four adjoining counties of Chester, Derby, Stafford, and York. Some few years since, this charming spot was the scene of great festivity, consequent on the races which were annually held on a fine course in the park. A lively interest was attached to these meetings, which were numerously attended the riders being for the most part the aristocratic guests of the noble earl. Heaton House, and gardens attached, cover an area of 90a. 3r. 21p. The township of Great Heaton contains neither church, chapel, public-house, beerhouse, nor provision shop.
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