Introduction to Maps
of the
Salford Hundred
 Parishes and Townships

The Salford Hundred may seem like an obscure place, the name has dropped out of use, although township names have generally survived, giving area names within highly populated areas of what is now Greater Manchester. 

From 1662 with the introduction of the Act of Settlement the responsibilities for the administration of the poor law moved from out of the hands of the church into the hands of the township. The ancient township boundary grew in importance, boundary stones indicated the limits and perambulations were a regular event. Boundary stones can still be found in the rural areas and descriptions of the perambulation can be found in Record Offices and Local Archive Departments.

I have been very fortunate in being contacted by Harry King who offered to produce the Hundred and Parish maps. Starting with a map of the Salford Hundred and its parishes, with a inset showing its position within England. The Parish maps are either in preparation or completed and are accessible from the contents bar. Each parish map indicates the parish boundary and its detached portions together with the boundaries of townships that make up the parish.

Harry is an amateur mapmaker, born near Manchester and now living in San Diego, California. He is particularly interested in historical maps of England for genealogical purposes. He can be reached at:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view all the maps, if you do not have a copy on your machine click the Adobe Icon for the latest version.