Pendleton, a township in the parish of Eccles, and parliamentary borough of Salford. Number of acres 1,720 : 2 miles W. of Manchester. In the valley are remains of a tumuli. There is one church, St. Thomas's, date 1776, rebuilt 1830. The Wesleyans, New Connexion Methodists, and Independents, have chapels. There are two cotton mills. In 1780 this place was a small rural village, now it is town-like and populous, containing many elegant seats. The population in 1801 was 3,611; 1811, 4,805; 1821, 5,948; 1831,8,435. In 1835 the sunday schools were 6, dame 8,common 7, superior private and boarding 4, infant 1, charity and subscription 6, evening 6, total 38, scholars 2,022. The free schools are at Irlams-o'th'-height : and there is a literary society. The value of property in 1815 was 16,425; 1829, 26,835. Here is an extensive bed of coal.

(5) A Statistical Sketch of the County Palatine of Lancaster 1841 by Edwin Butterworth.